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About nikolas

Nikolas Weinstein was born in New York City in 1968. His aesthetic derives from a longstanding interest in the natural world. The influence of organic forms in his work dates to a young age, established during internships at The American Museum of Natural History and The Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After graduating college with a degree in comparative literature, he moved to San Francisco, where he briefly worked as an assistant to a prominent graphic designer before founding his studio.

A New Take On Nikolas Weinstein

Hello, Emily here. I thought seeing this recent sculpture from an outsider’s perspective might be a nice way to present this new piece from Nikolas. So I spoke with HL Lim, a founder of LTW Design Works in Asia about his partnership with Nikolas on … Continue reading

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Lecture at SHoP Architects New York

On March 9th, Nikolas will be lecturing at SHoP Architects in New York as part of their Artist’s Series. Fast Company named this 180 person firm the “Most Innovative Architecture Firm in the World” in 2014, and the Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt … Continue reading

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A Frenchman Asks The Big Questions

Imagine our delight when we were contacted by Manuel Fadat, a French curator, researcher, critic and teacher who “geeks out” on technology as much as we do. He works for Oudeis—une laboratoire pour les arts numériques, électroniques et médiatiques aka … Continue reading

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Louis XIV Comes to 1649

Glass conducts light more efficiently than any other material. This efficiency is why glass holds so much dynamic potential for sculpture; by constantly changing the sculpture with the passage of natural light throughout the day. And this is why we … Continue reading

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We Refuse To Be A Statistic

Emily here with a wee trifle of life at 1649 Valencia St…. Metropolis Magazine recently posted an article about the meandering lunch table at Snøhetta’s office in New York. They said, “Fewer than 20 percent of American office workers take … Continue reading

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Carl Gets a Toy

Chaos reigns here at the studio. It is so full of glass, scaffolding, and people that we are too embarrassed to reveal photos. While this level of action is invigorating, it appears highly unprofessional and the scene would not be described as … Continue reading

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Play It Again, Steve

Puttering about this afternoon, we came across this jewel in the video archive. Though previously posted, it’s worth a second pass. An ode to former colleague Steve Cipoletto, it summoned wistful tears of laughter because he was hilarious company and because he’s long gone. … Continue reading

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Panel Ascending

Coffee. Lots of coffee. And then more coffee. We’re knee-deep in glass tubes, cable, and thousands upon thousands of tiny hardware bits that comprise each of fourteen giant glass “leaves.” They range in size from roughly 3.5 meters (12 feet) to … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

While this transport may seem mundane, we’re clicking our heals over here. The strike at the Port of Oakland was averted, the clouds parted and a large shipping container was dumped in our parking lot! Although we had nothing to … Continue reading

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Up to Our Eyeballs in Crates

The sound of industry is eerily silent in our part of the world. The big boats and cranes that define the Port of Oakland are listless. And others up and down the West Coast are largely inactive due to a spate of work stoppages … Continue reading

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