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A New Take On Nikolas Weinstein

Hello, Emily here. I thought seeing this recent sculpture from an outsider’s perspective might be a nice way to present this new piece from Nikolas. So I spoke with HL Lim, a founder of LTW Design Works in Asia about his partnership with Nikolas on … Continue reading

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Jakarta is “Live”

Just before Christmas, we completed our largest and most complex installation to date. We are now emerging from our new year’s slothdom to announce that the Noble House Sculpture is airborne! In his more aspirational and caffeinated moments, Nikolas has said that he … Continue reading

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Hello New York!

Woohoo! We’re bi-coastal! Our new studio is a light-filled retreat in Long Island City beside the moorings of the Queensborough bridge, just one subway stop from Bloomingdales and midtown Manhattan. The complex, known as The Foundry, is a former 19th century … Continue reading

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We Refuse To Be A Statistic

Emily here with a wee trifle of life at 1649 Valencia St…. Metropolis Magazine recently posted an article about the meandering lunch table at Snøhetta’s office in New York. They said, “Fewer than 20 percent of American office workers take … Continue reading

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Weinstein and Warwick Take It On The Road

Every summer the Glass Art Society [GAS] holds their annual conference in a different US city. This year it was just a hop-skip-and a jump down the road from us in San Jose and the theme for the conference was “Glass, … Continue reading

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Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Nikolas posted about this project in Hong Kong when it was being installed back in February. Now that we’ve got final photography I wanted to pop in quickly and share these images of the Artwork we did for Swire Properties’ Arezzo residential … Continue reading

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Carl Gets a Toy

Chaos reigns here at the studio. It is so full of glass, scaffolding, and people that we are too embarrassed to reveal photos. While this level of action is invigorating, it appears highly unprofessional and the scene would not be described as … Continue reading

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Panel Ascending

Coffee. Lots of coffee. And then more coffee. We’re knee-deep in glass tubes, cable, and thousands upon thousands of tiny hardware bits that comprise each of fourteen giant glass “leaves.” They range in size from roughly 3.5 meters (12 feet) to … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

While this transport may seem mundane, we’re clicking our heals over here. The strike at the Port of Oakland was averted, the clouds parted and a large shipping container was dumped in our parking lot! Although we had nothing to … Continue reading

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Up to Our Eyeballs in Crates

The sound of industry is eerily silent in our part of the world. The big boats and cranes that define the Port of Oakland are listless. And others up and down the West Coast are largely inactive due to a spate of work stoppages … Continue reading

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