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Weinstein and Warwick Take It On The Road

Every summer the Glass Art Society¬†[GAS] holds their annual conference in a different US city. This year it was just a hop-skip-and a jump down the road from us in San Jose and the theme for the conference was “Glass, … Continue reading

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Sick with Lego

Each season takes one down. Sam was the first to go about two falls ago and stayed home hacking and wheezing on some Friday or Monday. When you’re puttering away at the shop, it’s easy to imagine your fallen comrade … Continue reading

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Nectar of the Gods

I am grateful for the mild climes of San Francisco and, with each trip to the Far East, I am reminded that we really have to find work in some other part of the world. The heat and humidity in … Continue reading

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Johnson Strikes Again!

Our inveterate tinkerer and engineer, Dave Johnson, has rocked the world of automaton enthusiasts once again. After countless weeks toiling in his underground secret lair (garage), Johnson went live over the weekend with his latest gizmo, a gift for his … Continue reading

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Cookies and one of these…

Dear Mom, Please send cookies and one of these. We’re working on a project in Tokyo and have been noodling a particularly meddlesome problem which requires wires bent into all kinds of unique shapes and sizes. Ackkk. Dave has been … Continue reading

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Binkelator 2000

In our continuing efforts to put the cart before the horse, we designed another project before we knew exactly how to build it. This is a good thing because it keeps us thinking and naturally derives new constructions and ways … Continue reading

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Magical Mechanical Davebot

Dave is 29, except he is actually 52. He has worked for Apple and¬†ILM (and not the crazy Transformers junk either, more of the latex and foam rubber era ILM). He’s always been obsessed with how things work and has … Continue reading

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Getting the old Tubilator 2.1 back in working order

After many months of prep and head-banging, we are ready to stop fabricating test panels to destroy in the name of engineering and start building our installation for Bar Agricole, a new swanky restaurant in San Francisco. We just received … Continue reading

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