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A New Take On Nikolas Weinstein

Hello, Emily here. I thought seeing this recent sculpture from an outsider’s perspective might be a nice way to present this new piece from Nikolas. So I spoke with HL Lim, a founder of LTW Design Works in Asia about his partnership with Nikolas on … Continue reading

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Nikolas Weinstein Studios Rocks The G20

Question: What do Nikolas Weinstein Studios, President Enrique Pena Nieto, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladimir Putin, and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim have in common? Answer: Besides an unstoppable quest for power and world domination, they will all be at … Continue reading

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Louis XIV Comes to 1649

Glass conducts light more efficiently than any other material. This efficiency is why glass holds so much dynamic potential for sculpture; by constantly changing the sculpture with the passage of natural light throughout the day. And this is why we … Continue reading

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Play It Again, Steve

Puttering about this afternoon, we came across this jewel in the video archive. Though previously posted, it’s worth a second pass. An ode to former colleague Steve Cipoletto, it summoned wistful tears of laughter because he was hilarious company and because he’s long gone. … Continue reading

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Back in Play

Even though we’re up to our gills in work, it feels like ages since we’ve installed a project. So before disappearing into the wormhole again, we wanted to post a couple of photos of a project that we just completed for a new … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Into Our world

We just received the first transmission from our advance duo that is preparing to install a new artwork in Hong Kong. We typically send these probes to make sure that the site is  good to go before deploying the balance … Continue reading

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Return to Base

That’s it! Our suitcases are packed and we’re headed home. As we peruse the over five-thousand images from this latest installation in India, we thought we would send along just a couple of selections to let you know how things … Continue reading

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Order Up!

109.7 degrees Fahrenheit. And that was inside. Ouch. Welcome to New Delhi. Despite the extraordinary conditions, our team lifted the last piece of glass up and into the air late in the afternoon today. So, hats off. Here are some … Continue reading

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Wheels Down Delhi

At long last, our intrepid installers are afoot! Numbering nine in all, they winged their way across the ocean to Delhi to begin work on our new installation. Out from under the watchful gaze of their oppressive commander, the team … Continue reading

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Going Neolithic Scaffolding Styley

As some of you may well know by now, we here at the studio like toys. And toys that can be driven and articulated hold a near and dear place in our collective heart. When installing sprawling artworks that range … Continue reading

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