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If soccer fields then why not jumbo jets?

So, after I made that post about the soccer field, dear Arlen sent me a comparative chart of jets. Arlen was clearly one step ahead of me in imagining absurd gargantuan comparisons. So, here we have it again. The Shanghai … Continue reading

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Making paper look like glass

We’ve just begun work on a large residential project in Kuala Lumpur and I’ve attached some images of the model below. ┬áThe sculpture was made with some crazy crepe paper that I found years ago. It’s from Germany and there … Continue reading

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Absurd comparisons: sculpture vs. soccer

When we were working on the installation for the new InterContinental Hotel in Shanghai late last year, we always said it was about a football field long. When we talked about the piece in abstract terms, it never really sank … Continue reading

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Getting the old Tubilator 2.1 back in working order

After many months of prep and head-banging, we are ready to stop fabricating test panels to destroy in the name of engineering and start building our installation for Bar Agricole, a new swanky restaurant in San Francisco. We just received … Continue reading

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