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Establish KL Base Camp

Last week, Ari and Arlen arrived in hot, wet, and sunny Kualu Lumpur to establish base camp at the installation site before the rest of us arrived. This was the first time that we had seen the residence since it … Continue reading

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Probe 673AA Landed

The eagle has landed. On February 11, at 10:35:09 PM PST, the advance team of Ari and Arlen arrived in Kuala Lumpur for the installation of a huge residential sculpture. They don’t seem to be too tired. Yet. Communications have … Continue reading

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Magical Mechanical Davebot

Dave is 29, except he is actually 52. He has worked for Apple andĀ ILM (and not the crazy Transformers junk either, more of the latex and foam rubber era ILM). He’s always been obsessed with how things work and has … Continue reading

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