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The Slow Slog to Post New Work

With three new projects that we’ve completed swelling our poor little photography library, it is time to make good on keeping the website up to date. Arlen has been leading this charge by sifting through 6,500 photographs from our residential … Continue reading

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Once More Unto the Breach

The photographs are just beginning to trickle in from our latest project, a sculpture that resides in the lobby of a new Frank Gehry project in Hong Kong. Sam and Ari winged their way over there for a precision ninja-style … Continue reading

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It was hot, it had danger. It was perfect for a seven-year-old.

Nobody really knows where Mike came from. Some say Boston. Others persist in some story about a hamlet lost in the Vermont hills. This has become a mysterious element in the shop lore – or at least, my shop lore. … Continue reading

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Dave’s Previous Life

Our inveterate engineer and tinkerer, Dave Johnson, has had many lives. Once upon a time, he was a programmer at Apple and also worked in puppetry and robotics at ILM. There was also a period in there where he was … Continue reading

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