Cookies and one of these…

Dear Mom,

Please send cookies and one of these. We’re working on a project in Tokyo and have been noodling a particularly meddlesome problem which requires wires bent into all kinds of unique shapes and sizes. Ackkk. Dave has been tinkering with the welder and a little bending jig, but has been admittedly coming up short.

But then there was a thunderous boom and, Lo, the clouds parted and the providential sun shone through:

About nikolas

Nikolas Weinstein was born in New York City in 1968. His aesthetic derives from a longstanding interest in the natural world. The influence of organic forms in his work dates to a young age, established during internships at The American Museum of Natural History and The Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After graduating college with a degree in comparative literature, he moved to San Francisco, where he briefly worked as an assistant to a prominent graphic designer before founding his studio.
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