Once More Unto the Breach

The photographs are just beginning to trickle in from our latest project, a sculpture that resides in the lobby of a new Frank Gehry project in Hong Kong. Sam and Ari winged their way over there for a precision ninja-style installation only to be undone by the niggling bits – the myriad unforeseen details that always intrude to upset an otherwise pleasant installation.

And so there were nights when our two intrepid envoys toiled beneath the Hong Kong moon while the denizens of this metropolis peacefully slept. Ten o’clock became midnight which bled into dawn. Of course, there are always tales of extraordinary circumstance and miraculous recoveries when our colleagues return from the front lines of the art world. We listened and were grateful that we were not stuck up on that highest hilltop looking out over the foreign harbor with only Red Bull to fix our courage until the sun came up.

Early on the first morning, the team arrives onsite with the building in the rear. Photo: Sam Prest

Ari begins work by installing the custom hardware for the suspension points. Photo: Sam Prest

The view from beneath after all four sculptural elements have been lifted into place. Photo: Sam Prest

Sam's tool belt with cable cutters and an indispensable can of Red Bull for long nights. Photo: Sam Prest

About nikolas

Nikolas Weinstein was born in New York City in 1968. His aesthetic derives from a longstanding interest in the natural world. The influence of organic forms in his work dates to a young age, established during internships at The American Museum of Natural History and The Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After graduating college with a degree in comparative literature, he moved to San Francisco, where he briefly worked as an assistant to a prominent graphic designer before founding his studio.
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