Nikolas Weinstein Studios Rocks The G20

Question: What do Nikolas Weinstein Studios, President Enrique Pena Nieto, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladimir Putin, and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim have in common?

Answer: Besides an unstoppable quest for power and world domination, they will all be at the 11th Annual G20 Summit Meeting September 4th and 5th in Hangzhou, China. All the Summit guests are staying at the Shangri-la Hangzhou Midtown where we installed a sculpture last year. And since our sculpture was there first, I’m gonna say that they’ll be in our presence rather than vice versa.

Pretty cool.



About emily

Emily Vassos has a degree in art history and a degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Before joining the studio she was a project coordinator for a firm that developed and designed visitor centers for the National Park Service as well as history museums and cultural centers.
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